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It’s been a while since I’ve been on vacation or even had a fun night out. I thought about making a new Tinder profile, but honestly, I don’t even know when I’d have a chance to date right now. I’ve been swamped with work and caring for a sick relative. I’m worn down and exhausted. Porn has been a welcome reprieve. It’s my escape from everything else.

Lately, I have found that virtual reality porn really hits the spot. It takes me away from all of my stress for a little while without me actually having to leave the house. It’s sort of like a mini vacation where I fuck sexy girls every day. I need it at night every bit as much as I rely on my morning coffee.

This $15 off discount to Zexy VR is a great deal, but I would have joined even without it. The girls are total vixens, and like me, the site is a fan of nice boobs being put on display.

I have other memberships to hardcore sites, but this one is solo girls getting naughty and keeping it softcore. That doesn’t stop me from having XXX thoughts as I see them stripping in 3D though!

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January was like my free trial for 2019. Resolutions wouldn’t be committed to until February. I’d use January to recover from Christmas, get my taxes ready, and remember to sign the right year on paperwork. February 1st hit on a Friday, so I told myself it was perfectly acceptable to put things off until after the weekend. Monday rolled around I convinced myself I had to join a gym that day. 2019 is supposed to be the year I build muscle, damn it! So off to the gym I went. Tuesday I couldn’t go because I didn’t have any good gym shoes, so I went out and bought some. Wednesday I went and introduced myself to the equipment. Thursday I recovered.

This morning, I got up early, dressed for a work out, drank a green smoothie, and was ready to go. I just needed to check a few things online first. That’s when I saw this Karup’s discount offer for 67% off. I didn’t make it to the gym today, but I did work up quite a sweat.

Karups has an enormous collection of porn, ranging from solo girls to decadent hardcore. There are over 16,000 videos and more than 6,000 models! The newest content is even being offered in 4K. With porn like this at my fingertips, 2019 is looking awesome.

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