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The job of a taxi driver never appealed to me, but these days, I know a few people driving for Uber who love it. In fact, a few night ago, one of those friends was showing me some footage of action happening in his back seat. He says it is pretty common to pick up couples who can’t keep their hands off each other. Sometimes it’s drunken pick ups, sometimes it’s young love, and every now and then, it’s an obvious extra marital affair. He said he doesn’t see boobs too often, but they do make the occasional appearance. The footage he showed me had a fully clothed brunette giving her guy a blowjob in the backseat!

I returned the favor by telling my buddy how to get a discount to the entire Fakehub network. One of the sites there is Fake Taxi. In it, it’s the driver getting his dick into the horny passengers instead of just having to drive and watch. Sexy girls are picked up off the street and offer pussy as payment. It makes me think I might need to start driving a couple nights a week.

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