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Man, I used to work with this one dude and he was completely out there. We used to always give him a hard time at work because he just made it so damn easy. We were a pretty close group of guys and we shared a lot about ourselves. So the one guy tells us one day that he watches a lot of porn. We would harass him about it but honestly we all watched porn.

So one day he started telling us about this girlfriend that he got. He would tell us how hot she was and that she was an absolute freak in bed. He would tell us about taking her out to eat or about them going for walks together and shit. We were happy for him but something seemed fishy about his stories.

One night I was at ATK Girlfriends because I found out I could pay less for porn with Paygasm and I noticed the one girl looked exactly like my coworkers girlfriend. Dude fell for the POV angle and fell in love.

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