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If you’re not familiar with the porn wonderland that is I feel so sorry for you. The pity party can be shortlived though if you click here and get for $20 cheaper. I guess in that sense you’re actually able to feel sorry for me, because you’ll be getting it for a better deal than I did when I first learned about this amazing site!

They have a little bit of something for everyone, and that is what gets me every time. The variety here is absolutely phenomenal and mind boggling. I swear every time I find my favorite video or actress on here, another one comes along that blows that one away. It’s like every single drop of content that they squeeze into this site is trying to one up the photo or video before it, and you just get to sit back and get off again and again to the sexiest sluts around! And if you go with the annual pass, it’s only just over five bucks a month!

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You know how they say that you get what you pay for? Well, that’s not entirely true with porn. With porn, you have people like me scoping out all the best porn discounts to pass along to you so you don’t have to work too hard for it. You know, you’re horny and you don’t want to piss around searching forever to find something to spank to, right? Damn straight. Never mind that it’s a job hazard for me not to sit here and nut every chance I get. Ha!

Anyway, definitely check out our discount to with 78% off, it’s a pretty hot little number for the sinfully low price of $6.66 per month. There’s a shitload more porn deals where that comes from though. Sexy blondes, gorgeous brunettes, saucy little redheads… yeah the list goes on and on and they’re all getting nasty here. You’ll find some hot and hardcore straight fucking, some solo cutesy stuff, lesbians, interracial porn, kinky and BDSM shit, you know, the works. Check it out real quick and grab a deal that’s going to do it for you today.

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As sad as it is if I had a choice between Lacey and these smoking hot michigan escorts I know what I would choose. I’ve always wanted to be with an escort but being totally honest I didn’t have the slightest clue how to even book one. I also had it in my head that when I actually met them in person they’d look nothing like their picture.

I’m glad I put my fears to the side and trusted my instincts as I wouldn’t have had the time of my life if I did. Last night was really something special and it’s all thanks to Linda and her very experienced hands. She has so much to offer a disconcerting client like myself, a first time escort user she made sure to make me always feel comfortable and relaxed.

You can talk to her on so many levels and honestly that’s everything that I could possibly want in a woman. Her discreet way of letting you know that she thinks you’re hot is really something else. She has what I would call one of the best sets of natural boobs that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. She likes to give her favorite clients a personal strip show and yes I was lucky enough to get one. Don’t worry if you’ve never been with an escort before, these girls will always treat you right!

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